Starting Grant

Starting Grant 2024


From May 7th to July 8th

The application is now closed

One experiment to rule them all!

Neuroscience is one of the most challenging fields of research. Although our understanding of the nervous system keeps growing exponentially, we still have much to learn, especially regarding the intricate interplay between all the different cell types involved in maintaining its homeostasis and counteracting the insults. Indeed, cell-to-cell communication between neurons, astrocytes, microglia, pericytes, endothelial cells and immune cells can significantly impact the nervous system biology, both in physiological and pathological conditions.

The BraYn Association will fund PhD students, post-docs, early-career principal investigators, neurology residents and neurologists to answer an experimental question with a focused research plan in the field of neuroscience, either to validate a hypothesis that concludes a story or to test a hypothesis being the base of a new story. The story and/or approach proposed should be highly innovative. Topics that may be covered are the following: Neuroimaging, Neuro/glia interaction, Neurodegeneration, Epilepsy, Neurodevelopment & Neurogenetics, Neuro-oncology, Neuroinflammation, Neurophysiology & Neural Plasticity, and Clinical Neuroscience. PhD students or Post-docs at a very early stage of their career from anywhere worldwide can apply.

Applicants must be registered for the BraYn 2024 conference
(Registration here)
and must be a member of the BraYn Association
(New/Renew Membership here)

The grant proposal should be structured as follows:

  • Two pages including a brief introduction, scope of the research, preliminary results (optional), a key experimental approach, and a clear indication of the topic(s) covered among those indicated above.
  • Not included in the two pages limit:
    – One page for references (maximum of 10).
    – One figure page (optional).
    – Financials. Funds should be spent on consumables.
    – Two-pages curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Applications using funds for stipends, mice, or equipment will not be accepted.

The successful candidate will be asked to submit a report by two months after the end of the grant period and will be offered the possibility to present the results obtained at the next BraYn Conference in 2025.

  • Time: 6 months (starting January 2025).

Eligibility criteria:

  • PhD students, post-docs and young researchers under the age of 40.
  • Valid contract until the end of the project.
  • Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to
  • Funding: 5000 euros.
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